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USSEC Korea Continues Activities to Correct Feeding Practices of Aqua Feed Containing Soy

USSEC Korea recently had a series of discussions with leading aqua feed mills CJ Cheiljedang and Cargill Agribrands Purina; fish nutritionists; aqua feed dealers; and flounder growers.  The goal of these talks was collaboration on methods of correcting over-feeding practices leading to high fish mortality rates.  The common view was that fish growers are not feeding at the 90% satiation rate recommended in the feeding manual.

USSEC has delayed its roundtable focused on the correction of feeding practices from August 14 to September 26, which will allow feed mills producing aqua feeds to participate as a target group.  USSEC expects the roundtable to highlight the need for more attention on overfeeding to feed mills.