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USSEC Makes Job Title Changes, Clarifications

USSEC has made several job title changes to more accurately reflect individuals’ roles.  Change is a constant within USSEC, and many team members’ responsibilities have shifted or grown, making adjusted job titles important to not only accurately reflect these roles to both internal and external audiences, but also to recognize performance.  The new job titles outlined below were approved by the United Soybean Board (USB) Officers and Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) last week and will take effect immediately.
Action Team Staff Leads
Action Team Staff Leads (ATSLs) or Marketing Managers - Level 3 (MMIIIs) will have job titles as follows:

  • Marketing Director – Human Nutrition/Oil (Marypat Corbett)
  • Marketing Director – Animal Nutrition/Meal (Pam Helmsing)
  • Marketing Director – Aquaculture/Customer Focus (Colby Sutter)
  • Marketing Director – Market Access/FTO (Randy Olson)

These positions will continue to report directly to Ed Beaman.
Director - International Market Access / Regional Director EU & MENA

  • Brent Babb’s title has changed to: Regional Director – Greater EU and MENA

Director of International Program Management

  • Ed Beaman’s title has changed to: Chief Program Officer

Director of International Program Strategy/Regional Director ASC

  • Drew Klein’s title has changed to: Director International Program Strategy & Research/Regional Director – ASC

Evaluation Coordinator

  • Amy Mills’ title has changed to: Project Implementation Coordinator

Human Resources and Organizational Development Director

  • Gloria Raymond’s title has changed to: Director Human Resources and Organizational Development

Project Managers
Effective immediately, our Project Managers and Marketing Assistant will have the following titles:

  • Project Manager – Market Access/FTO (Dana Colquitt)
  • Project Manager – Aquaculture/Customer Focus (Dena Hensel)
  • Project Manager – Animal Nutrition/Meal (Abby Rinne)
  • Marketing Assistant – Human Nutrition/Oil (Jelena Smojver)
  • Project Manager – Greater EU and MENA (Joe Mast)

As announced earlier, these individuals report directly to the appropriate Marketing or Regional Director.

  • Will McNair’s title has changed to: Stakeholder Relations Manager

As announced earlier, in addition to QSSB Relations Management, Will will take on responsibility for Industry Relations Coordination working with many USSEC team members to step up our efforts in this important area. 
 He will continue to report to Ed Beaman.

  • Francisco de la Torre, who is a contractor to USSEC, carries the designation of Regional Representative – Americas

The contract manager for Francisco’s contract with USSEC is Jim Sutter.