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USSEC Hosts Successful Soy Outlook Conference in Japan

The 28th annual Japan Soy Outlook Conference was held in Tokyo on December 10 and 11. The event is one in a series of USSEC Soy Outlook Conferences, which are currently taking place in Asia.

Speakers at the Tokyo event included: John Becherer, CEO of the United Soybean Board (USB); Larry Marek, USB Director; Ken Dalenberg, former USB director; Ross Korves, Economic Policy Analyst; and Seth Naeve, Associate Professor of University of Minnesota.

Participation has consistently increased each year and this year more than 350 crushers, feed millers and others from the industry were drawn to the Tokyo event. The audience was interested in learning about the impact of this summer’s drought on quality and supply and demand.  They also wanted to learn about high oleic soybean oil. Seven USSEC member organizations participated by exhibiting their products to attendees.

Country director Mitsuyuki Nishimura states, “Our Soy Outlook Conference is a great opportunity for those in the Japanese soy industry to communicate directly with U.S. grower leaders about U.S. soybean production.”

A journalist from Nikkei BP (Nikkei Business Publication), who attended the USSEC hosted press conference, wrote two online-articles  about the event, which are currently ranking in the top five of articles accessed on their website. Nikkei BP Online leads Japan news sources with views reaching 125 million per month.

John Becherer, CEO of the United Soybean Board (USB), addresses the group.