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USSEC Hosts Roundtable for Korean Broiler Integrator

USSEC recently hosted a roundtable for Harim to discuss the advantages of using soy in broiler and swine feed. In addition to being Korea’s largest broiler integrator, Harim also has two swine integrators and a feed mill.
Hyung Suk Lee, Ph.D., animal utilization contractor, and Merlin Lindemann, Ph.D., swine nutrition professor at the University of Kentucky, spoke with Harim staff members. Topics discussed included the comparative quality of U.S. soybean meal with competing soybean meals based on standardized digestible amino acids and the latest edition of the National Research Council’s nutrient requirement for swine study.
This past February, Say Young Jo, ASA-IM’s Korea director, met with Harim’s chairman to discuss the company’s inclusion of U.S hipro dehulled soybean meal in feed to reduce broiler and swine production cost. As a follow up to the February meeting with Harim, USSEC took this opportunity to build on Harim’s increasing interest in using U.S. hipro dehulled meal.