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USSEC Holds Contractor Collaboration Workshop


USSEC held a contractor collaboration workshop in St. Louis January 21-26.
Topics covered included a review of the climate survey; USSEC’s global structure; USSEC’s global program and project strategy; global accounting and compliance strategy; global utilization plans (GUPs); industry perspectives on USSEC programs and projects; ag source; USSEC’s partners; and the National Oilseed Processors Association (NOPA) and the North American Export Grain Association (NAEGA).

The meeting also featured a cross collaboration discussion covering ideas on usage and enhancements including biotech; sustainability; meta-analysis; common market access issues; white papers; and the International Soybean Growers Alliance (ISGA).
The final day included information on program and project management; global communications; marketing materials; an interactive contractor panel covering what contractors need from St. Louis; funding; the collaborative information system (CIS); a case study discussing USSEC project management essentials and tips for success; the process from CRF to contract; compliance process and procedure; and approval flows and quality control.
USSEC Regional Deputy Director Nayeli Vilanova says the workshop provides a good opportunity to meet colleagues from other regions and allows contractors to “share ideas about how we operate and get ideas as well as share ideas with other regions.” She adds that she feels it is important that the St. Louis office shares with the people from the regions “in order to see what the necessities are in both ways and how we can solve the issues in a better way.”
“I gain a lot of knowledge of how other regions operate and that we [have] the same administrative issues,” stated Ms. Vilanova.