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USSEC Holds Board Meeting in Phoenix

The USSEC Board of Directors met in Phoenix, Arizona on February 24.
Members heard reports from various committees, including executive, audit and budget, industry relations/membership, and governance.  The board also received a CEO report from USSEC CEO Jim Sutter, in addition to updates on aquaculture strategy and structure; global communication strategy; Unified Export Strategy (UES); and other relevant issues.
Meeting attendees also listened to Benjamin Ola Akande, tenured Professor of Economics and Dean of Webster University’s School of Business & Technology.  Dr. Akande, a renowned motivational speaker, challenged USSEC to audit its relevance and to set a “Moon Goal.”  He conveyed a positive future for the council because he said that USSEC has the ability to create its own future, saying, "The future is not a place you are going; it's a place you will create.”

Dr. Benjamin Ola Akande
Dr. Benjamin Ola Akande