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USSEC Featured in Asian Pork Magazine

USSEC was prominently featured in an article titled, “Grain Producers Expect Lower Soybean Prices.”  The story was published in the November 2013 edition of Asian Pork Magazine.

USSEC co-sponsored and organized the 10th Southeast Asian U.S. Agricultural Co-Operators Conference, held in Perth, Australia, this past August.  This year’s theme was “Managing Asian Agribusiness in the 21st Century,” and much focus was placed on the projected record high yield of U.S. soy.  USSEC Chairman Randy Mann stated that the planted area of U.S. soy is a new record high of 31.46 ha.  Mr. Mann went on to discuss how U.S. farmers are producing soy more sustainably than ever.  “The amount of land needed to produce a ton of U.S. soybeans has decreased since 1980 by 35%,” he told conference participants.
Jim Sutter, USSEC CEO, was also featured in the article, where he explained that USSEC is currently studying markets in Cambodia and Laos before planning for a USSEC presence in those countries.  USSEC would like to share its expertise in aquaculture and livestock, according to Mr. Sutter, by helping to “improve those markets which are still at an early stage and hopefully build loyal customers.”
USSEC Southeast Asia Technical Director - Aquaculture Lukas Manomaitis told the magazine, “USSEC is working closely with eight hatcheries in Southeast Asia to help improve brood stock diets, encourage producers to use formulated feeds and improve hatchery conditions.”  As the marine fish industry in Southeast Asia continues to develop, it still needs to increase its production levels.  USSEC has been working in this area to develop a comprehensive program utilizing soy-based aquafeeds to help increase production.
Asian Pork Magazine, in its 13th year of publication, is written in English and is headquartered in Singapore.  It is published ten times yearly and reaches out to a niche audience in the agriculture and food industries.
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