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USSEC Facilitates Partnership in China to Promote the Amino Acid Advantage of U. S. Soy

On December 10, 2012 in Beijing, a U. S. soy industry team led by ASA Director and former Chairman Rob Joslin visited Beijing Resource Group, a long time cooperator for USSEC swine and feed programs.  The group has shown great interests in working with USSEC to promote the benefits of essential amino acids in U.S. soybean meal to the animal performance. Joslin was joined on the visit by Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council Director Craig Bangasser, USSEC Country Director for China Zhang Xiaoping, USSEC China staff, and marketing consultants Bob Bresnahan and David Asbridge.
The team first toured one of Beijing's largest swine processing facilities, a Beijing Resource Group location with a capacity of 3,000 heads per day.  One third of the hogs are from the company's swine farms and the rest are from neighboring farmers. To achieve the goals as set forth in China’s 12th Five Year Plan to upscale the swine industry, Beijing Resource Group is planning to expand their operations by forming swine farming and pork wholesale co-ops with a target of 10 million head production annually and 1,000 wholesale outlets throughout China in five years.
When the group first started its business in feed formulation back in 1994, they realized the value of essential amino acids in swine feed while many others in the industry haven’t quite been aware. When Rob Joslin presented the idea of looking at the quality of soybean meal from the perspective of its nutritional value other than crude protein levels, Mr. Liu Junyi, Chairman of the Beijing Resource Group, and his team expressed their desire of conducting joint feeding trials with U.S. soybean meal.  They were unsure of the current source of soybean meal for their swine feeds although they have been always looking at the amino acid profile in their feed formulation. Follow-up discussion on a feeding trial and promotion will be scheduled between USSEC's animal utilization technical team and the group.
The U. S. soy industry team also exchanged market information with the top management of the group and answered their questions on USDA reports, world supply and demand situation and soy price trends.

Joslin and Bangasser are greeted by Beijing Resource Group Chairman Liu Junyi before their discussions on essential amino acid advantages in U.S. soy products.