soybean field

USSEC Continues Promotion Efforts of Soy-Based Aqua Feed in Korea

USSEC continued follow-up meetings with fish growers in Korea who recently participated in USSEC activities during the past year. In Soo Shin, USSEC aquaculture utilization contractor, met with farm staff to maintain awareness of the benefits of using soy-based extruded pellet feed in their operations. The meetings included fish growers who have applied for a government assistance program that encourages the adoption of soy-based pellet feeds. Shin emphasized the high soy protein concentrate found in extruded pellet feed how it can provide an economic and sustainable source of protein for aqua feed. USSEC will continue to promote soy-based extruded pellet feed in the country as a government policy to prohibit fish-based moist pellet feed is expected to take effect in 2016.