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USSEC Continues to Compile Amino Acid Analysis Data on Soybean Meal Imported to Korea

USSEC continues to compile amino acid analysis data, conducted by Korea Feed Association (KFA) since 2013, on imported soybean meal.  USSEC staff communicated with the KFA lab to add the analysis data on four additional cargoes which arrived in February and March 2014 to the database.  Total amino acid, essential amino acid, Lys+Met+Cys+Thr content were 44.14%, 19.96% and 5.99% in U.S. soymeal and 42.65%, 19.34% and 5.63% in Brazilian soybean.  Soybean meal from India contained 43.32%, 19.40% and 5.67%, respectively.  In addition to the difference in amino acid content, U.S. soybean meals were higher in KOH protein solubility (84.13) than Brazilian SBM (76.66) and Indian SBM (76.29), meaning that they are more digestible than the others.  The analysis data will be presented at the U.S. soybean meal technical workshop scheduled on April 18-19.