soybean field

USSEC Conducts On-Site Consultations on the Benefits of Soy Protein for Flounder Growers in Jeju

USSEC Korea’s aquaculture utilization contractor In Soo Shin visited eight flounder growers in Jeju to conduct on-site consultations on the benefits of increasing the inclusions of soybean meal (SBM) and soy protein concentrate (SPC) in extruded pellet feeds.  The objective of these meetings was to increase the flounder growers’ acceptance of soy-based extruded pellet feeds containing SBM and/or SPC as suggested by USSEC.  USSEC’s message is that extruded pellet feeds replacing up to 30% of fish meal by SBM and/or SPC (18% in diet) could benefit the growers in terms of sustainable aquaculture, consistency in feed quality and feeding cost.   These target audiences are currently participating in the Korean government’s “feed extruded pellet feeds” program to transition the aqua feed market from fish-based moist pellet feeds to protein meal-based extruded pellet feeds.  The number of flounder growers who enrolled in the government program has increased to 39 in 2013 from 34 in 2012.

USSEC aquaculture utilization contractor In Soo Shin discusses feed quality and the benefits of soy-based feeds with a flounder grower at a flounder farming site.