soybean field

U.S. Soy’s Sustainability Efforts Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day

Earth Day was celebrated worldwide on April 22.  Did you know that U.S. soy’s sustainability efforts allow the industry to celebrate Earth Day every day?

U.S. soy farmers have long been the advocates of Mother Earth by practicing such conservation practices as cover crops, no-till, strip till, terraces, grass waterways and buffer strips.  Such methods allow farmers to use less water, prevent soil erosion and decrease energy use.  The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports that nearly 50% of soybean acres are no-till.  Additionally, the years 1980-2012 have seen a:

  • 42% decrease in irrigation water applied per bushel of soybeans
  • 42% decrease in energy use per bushel
  • 66% decrease in soil erosion per bushel

The USDA spends $6.5 billion annually on conservation programs to protect the environment.  These efforts help protect fragile land, improve water and soil quality and enhance wildlife habitats.  The development of precision agriculture technology and equipment has also contributed to improved environmental stewardship while increasing overall productivity.
Happy Earth Day, indeed!
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