soybean field

U.S. Soy Needs YOU! is always looking for new stories.
Are you doing something new and noteworthy on your farm or at your business?  Would you like to share your farm family’s history?  The people of the U.S. soy industry have lots of stories to tell . . . and we’d love to share yours!
We are looking for strong, impactful web-appropriate content/articles with a word count from approximately 500 – 1500 words, for example:

  • Personal, in depth feature stories on the passion and legacy of U.S. Soy farmers, families, and farm communities. Stories with photos and videos are especially useful!
  • Close up examinations of a particular element of U.S. Soy production … planting, harvesting, sustainability, production, transportation, quality, products, ports, storage, etc. (Virtually any element along the soy-to-market continuum could be pulled out and highlighted in a feature story.)
  • Interviews with buyers and international end users, especially that show the benefits to the humans and animals who consume U.S. Soy.
  • Crop report information presented in an engaging, highly readable way.
  • Slideshows, lists, and other scannable, reader-friendly content.
  • Written or visual summaries of trend info, market data, weather conditions, market updates, etc.
  • Graphs or data charts that can be converted into infographic material.

Most importantly, we want your suggestions!
Please send us an email at or contact USSEC Communications Manager Lisa Pine.