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U.S. Soy Launches New Website

ussoy highlights the people and the stories behind the production of U.S. soy and showcases the actual product, soybeans themselves.
According to USSEC Communications Manager Lisa Pine, foreign buyers have long shown interest in not only learning about how U.S. farmers produce their beans and how crops reach buyers, but also in hearing about the farmers themselves.  “We’re really excited about this site, which is quite a bit different from the existing USSEC site.  The USSEC site allows us to reach our members and stakeholders to inform them about our various programs and how we can help them, but helps our buyers learn more about U.S. farmers and about the story of U.S. soy,” she says.  “In addition to telling our growers’ stories, including Ground Work weekly reports from the field, buyers can check out facts and infographics about soy and also access a resource directory.  It’s a really interactive site and will be incredibly useful for our buyers.”
Please look for a special edition of USSEC’s newsletter with more information about in your inbox later this week.  Click on to visit the new website.