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U.S. Soy Family Works Together for Market Continuum

The U.S. soy family’s market continuum plan shows how three different organizations work together to affect the overall market for U.S. soy and its demand worldwide.  These organizations are the World Soy Foundation, the World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (WISHH) and USSEC.

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The goal of the World Soy Foundation, a humanitarian organization, is to reduce malnutrition through the power of soy.  The World Soy Federation demonstrates the strategic philosophy of U.S. soy.  WISHH represents the next step with its focus on market building by addressing long term demand, creating customers and markets for U.S. soy.  USSEC is the final piece to this market strategy.  USSEC targets large or potentially successful markets to maximize the utilization of U.S. soy internationally.  USSEC uses a short term success timeline to concentrate on market development.

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