Soy Food Crop Update

The Soy Food Crop report is provided by USSEC in collaboration with industry partners to keep customers apprised of the specialty soy crop progression in regions across the U.S. throughout the 2023 growing season.

Please refer to contact information within each regional update to request additional specific data, or contact Will McNair, USSEC Director of Oil and Soy Food Programs and Deputy Director of NE Asia, at


The Crop Progress for Michigan (Star of the West). 

The spring planting started out slow with wet and cold conditions. In the past few weeks, the weather has become warmer and there is less rain. The planting conditions are good, and the progress of planted acres has increased. Currently, we are according to the USDA regulation, 33% was planted with the 5 year average being 31%.  Planting is continuing at a very fast pace and the weather looks to favor the fast pace. 

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Ohio and Indiana: 

Planting progress – the IOM region is running 20% ahead of 5-year average to the west of us; east is significantly wetter, but we are showing excellent progress this week. Some areas of Ohio are delayed.  

Corn planted the week of 4/11/23           V1 stage 

Soybeans planted the week of 4/11/23  Vc stage 

Warming up nicely and starting to miss a few rains allowing those that were drenched last week with 3 inches of rain to have some hope. Subsoil moisture – Good; 1 inch soil moisture – adequate. 

We have had good weather breaks allowing some early groundwork, manure and fertilizer spreading as well as ample to get pre-emergence herbicides down. 

Comments provided by IOM Grain. 

Planting Progress and Weather from Western Wisconsin

The Non Gmo Soybeans have all been planted and are up or coming up in very good condition. Planting was a week later than normal but as it looks right now the crop looks great. Moisture levels have been good so far as well.   

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