Soy Food Crop Update

The Soy Food Crop report is provided by USSEC in collaboration with industry partners to keep customers apprised of the specialty soy crop progression in regions across the U.S. throughout the 2024 growing season.

Please refer to contact information within each regional update to request additional specific data, or contact Will McNair, USSEC Director of Oil and Soy Food Programs and Deputy Director of NE Asia, at

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Soy Food Crop Update: May 2024

Week 3:

Central Indiana Update: 

Central Indiana has had a lot of the 2024 crop go into the ground over the last 10 days. When the weather finally broke near the start of May, the tractors fired up and have not had much rest since.  

 After most of Central Indiana saw a wet second half of April, rainfall since then has been increasingly spotty. With some farms getting several inches of rain in a single storm to others just miles away receiving sprinkles, location has played a key role in how many suitable field days farms have had in this area.  

May 9, 2024 

SE North Dakota and West Central Minnesota Update: 

We are sitting in decent shape for moisture, some others got more than others and some farmers are little delayed but with some windy days and average to above average temperatures should help everyone get back on track. 

There are areas where all soybeans are done planting and in 7-10 days they will be finished. 

Report Provided by Travis Meyer--BRUSHVALE SEED, INC. 

May 13, 2024 

Southern Wisconsin/Southern Illinois Update:  

Planting last week was uneven, as early rains in the week postponed much of the early week planting with most farmers resuming later in the week. USDA (US Department of Agriculture) reports that Wisconsin has 37% of soybeans planted with 6% emergence. In Southern Wisconsin, I would estimate we have about 85% of soybeans planted and 75% of corn. Farmers used some early favorable weather periods and planted a significant amount before this past week of rain that hit the Midwest.   

Report Provided by Cameron Hilgenberg--The DeLong Company  

May 15, 2024 

Soy Food Crop Update: April 2024

Southern Wisconsin/Southern Illinois Update: 

The past two weeks have seen little fieldwork due to rain and snow, but this was helpful to replenish the soil moisture after a mild winter in Southern Wisconsin & Northern Illinois. The weather forecast for the next 10 days is promising. We expect a lot of fieldwork to happen, as well as soybeans being shipped to their growers, and acres planted in the coming weeks.    

 Report Provided by Cameron Hilgenberg--The DeLong Company 

April 11, 2024 

DeLong Seed Truck preparing to transport Non-GMO soybeans to farmers. 

Central Indiana Update: 

 As we approach local planting insurance dates in Indiana, planters would likely be heading to the fields this week if field conditions allowed.  It will likely be full steam ahead for #Plant24 as soon as farmers are able.  

 After a very mild Indiana winter, the faucet turned on at the start of April. With many local areas receiving more than 3-4" of rain over the first week of April, some even saw a few flurries! Though farmers would love to be heading to the fields, these rains will help replenish soil moisture that we missed out on over the winter months.  

April 5, 2024 

Michigan Update: 

 Planting has not yet begun here in our region of Michigan. However, growers here are ambitiously looking at the 10-day forecast with thoughts of early plantings.  

  May snowstorms are not incredibly uncommon for Michigan, so even perfect weather in late March/ early April needs to be considered with some skepticism with agribusiness.  

April 1, 2024