Retiring Board Members Lauded by USSEC

At its February 26 board meeting in Orlando, Florida, USSEC honored four retiring members from its board of directors: Brandon Bickham, Sharon Covert, Todd Gibson, and Jim Traub.

Brandon Bickham

Mr. Bickham, of The DeLong Company, represented exporters on USSEC’s board for three terms. Mr. Bickham’s work at DeLong for over a decade allowed him to bring great wisdom and industry insight as he led USSEC’s member and industry relations committee. Providing key industry expertise, Mr. Bickham helped USSEC plan and execute successful U.S. Soy Global Trade Exchanges; led the board charge in increasing membership, working with USSEC to continue to cultivate industry relationships; and facilitated vital discussion in market access issues around the globe.
“Brandon has been a terrific advocate for U.S. Soy,” Mr. Sutter summarized.


Sharon Covert

Ms. Covert, of the Illinois Soybean Association, represented allied industry. As a veteran grower leader, she is one of the few people who provided board leadership to USSEC in different capacities since its inception in 2005, offering thoughtful insight on many strategic initiatives. Ms. Covert served on USSEC’s executive committee as secretary and was also appointed vice-chair of the governance committee.
“Sharon has participated in a multitude of USSEC international events over the years and has often been the face of U.S. farmers, giving presentations to numerous buyers of U.S. Soy,” states Mr. Sutter.


Todd Gibson

Mr. Gibson represented the United Soybean Board (USB), a founding USSEC member, joining USSEC’s board in 2016.
In 2018, he acted as the face of U.S. Soy, showcasing U.S. soybean production when he allowed a film crew onto his farm. Mr. Gibson also cohosted a trade team delegation from China, representing U.S. Soy during the Global Trade Exchange.
“We will certainly miss Todd’s key insight and dry wit around USSEC,” says Mr. Sutter.


Jim Traub

Jim Traub, of Clarkson Grain Company, represented exporters on USSEC’s board. Mr. Traub served as USSEC treasurer, providing a reliable and steady influence on the USSEC board and offered keen insight to the finance team, helping USSEC’s audit and budget committee through successful audits.
“Jim has participated in USSEC missions throughout the globe and proved to be a considerate industry advisor and ally to the organization’s worldwide staff,” Mr. Sutter shared.