A Study on the Benefits of Using High Soy Feed Formulations Supplemented with Taurine in US Marine Feeds

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Category: Aquaculture

Region: Americas


The Florida pompano is one of several species of jacks that are considered highly prized food fish. They are great tasting fish with a flakey texture and a mild flavor. Currently, they are reared in intensive indoor systems and outdoor cages in many areas of the world. Based on ongoing research this species performs well on soy based diets as long as nutritional and palatability needs are met. Previous USB funded projects evaluated the use of soy protein concentrate and selected supplements in marine fish feeds. Further research efforts supported by National Sea Grant Funds have evaluated the use of poultry by-product meal and meat and bone meals as alternatives to fishmeal in soy based diets. This research confirmed methionine and lysine were not deficient in high soy diets (~50% diet) but there was a conditional response to taurine. Given the identification of a taurine limitation, it would be beneficial to re-evaluate the use of soy protein concentrate in practical diets for the Florida pompano and to identify if there are other nutrients that may be limiting.

The objectives of this study are: 1) re-evaluate the use of soy protein concentrate in soy based feed formulations when taurine is supplemented to the diet; 2) conduct a growout trial with soy based and fishmeal based diets; and 3) use growth trial results to perform cost/benefit analyses comparing high soy diets to traditional feed formulation.