Results of a Feeding Demonstration to Wean Coastal Aquaculture Species from Fresh Fish to Manufactured Feeds

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Category: Aquaculture

Region: Northeast Asia


A 10-day feeding demonstration was conducted at Rao Ping, Guangdong Province, to determine if coastal aquaculture species could be weaned from a fresh fish diet to extruded, manufactured feeds. Sea bass weighing 55 g and 110 g, red drum weighing 150 g, and juvenile snapper sea bream 5-6 cm in length were tested in the demonstration. All species and all sizes of fish were successfully weaned to extruded feed pellets. Sea bass readily consumed extruded pellets on the second day of the weaning process. Snapper sea bream of size 5-6 cm consumed extruded pellets on the first day pellets were presented. Red drum was the most difficult of the species tested to wean to extruded pellets.