Comparative assessment of a commercial feed and soy optimized formulated diet using soybean meal/SPC in the growth performance of milkfish reared in cages

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Category: Aquaculture

Region: Southeast Asia


Milkfish industry is one of the most prevalent among the aquaculture activities in the Philippines. It is most likely the first choice of an aquaculturist who wants to venture in business. One of the major concerns in a a grow-out culture of any species is the use of the appropriate feeds to ensure the quality of harvest and a higher return on the investment.

This project aims to conduct a verification trial to compare three different diets prepared for milkfish namely (1) a soy optimized extruded floating using information developed during the USB/New Uses SEAFDEC project, (2) a USSEC soy optimized extruded floating feed from a commercial formulator using best available international information and (3) a commercial milkfish diet currently used in commercial culture in the Philippines to evaluate growth performance of milkfish in cages.

The results of the project will mainly influence the cage operators and will also benefit the LGUs and technicians of BFAR Regional offices.