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Kevin Scott - Valley Springs, South Dakota

kevin scott

Farm: Kevin grows soybeans and corn on his farm in Valley Springs, South Dakota. He and his wife, Jannell, have six children. Kevin has been on the North Dakota Soybean Council for eleven years and both the ASA and USSEC boards for two years.
Kevin Scott
This week, we are finishing up planting our last few acres of soybeans. I am also spraying our soybeans with a pre-emerge herbicide, so we have a lot going on. Surprisingly, the weather has cleared up in the last few weeks, allowing us to get all of our planting done before the end of May, which has been a nice surprise. We are currently in very good shape, but since I just sprayed the pre-emerge spray, we could use more rain in the near future.
I want our international customers to know that U.S. soybean farmers are continuing to go full speed ahead to provide the best quality soybean crop for them. I am looking forward to going to Japan next month to learn more about U.S. soy’s opportunities with international livestock