soybean field

CENTRAL MIDWEST - An Indiana farm in pictures - 05.25.2013

In the Central Midwest, the planting season is coming to a close.
Soybeans were planted in this Indiana crop residue.
Planting into Cereal Rye
Mobile technology is spreading rapidly across the ag industry.  Now that planting is over some farmers will transfer data collected during planting over to their iPads with the John Deere Mobile Farm Manager App.  Now farmers can have maps on hand at all times that show variety, seeding rates, and more.
John Deere Mobile Farm Manager
Soybeans are pretty tough plants.  A hard rain on tilled ground can leave a crust when the surface dries.  Soybeans can lift quite a lot of weight as they emerge, but another rain is needed to help this field emerge.
Soybeans Emergin
As rain kept getting pulled from the forecast this Indiana farm made a decision to get out a tool seldom used anymore, but it’s a tool you definitely want to keep around in case of a situation like this one - a rotary hoe.
Rotary Hoe Tines
After use, the hoe is folded for transport.
John Deere Rotary Hoe
In order to get the hoe out of storage, a fork life was used to move several pieces of equipment, including the grain cart.
Unverferth Grain Cart