United States

Pre SoyConnext Soyfood Sourcing Session


San Francisco, United States

On the morning of August 19th, USSEC will host a market update seminar focused on soyfood beans. This session is designed to provide valuable insights to international soyfood customers attending SoyConnext. Specifically tailored to the non-GMO soyfood market, the seminar aims to equip attendees with pertinent information ahead of their participation in the Trade Team Invitational (TTI) speed meetings.

The goal is to enhance the effectiveness of one-on-one speed meetings by arming customers with relevant insights beforehand. Anticipated attendees include representatives from Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, the Philippines, as well as other countries.

The seminar will conclude just before the commencement of the TTI. For further details, please reach out to Will McNair wmcnair@ussec.org