soybean field

Dwain Ford - Kinmundy, Illinois

Farm: Dwain and his wife, Melba, own Ford Farms and M&D Seed Company in Kinmundy, Illinois, where they produce and market soybeans, corn and wheat. Their family includes son, Shannon; his wife, Misty; son, Ryan; his wife, Carrie; and four grandchildren. This is Dwain’s sixth year as a USB Director.

Dwain Ford, on his farm in Kinmundy, Illinois, checking corn emergence in the field.
Dwain Ford, on his farm in Kinmundy, Illinois, checking corn emergence in the field.

Dwain Ford:
With good weather in the 80s last week, we were able to finish planting all our corn and are now starting to see the rows. With cooler temperatures, more than two inches of rain since last Friday and more showers in the forecast, our goal is to start planting soybeans by the first part of next week, if the rain stops and the corn emerges alright. Last spring we had 12 inches of rain during the month of May, so we’ve got good soil moisture right now compared to last year. We just hope that if it quits raining, it doesn’t stop altogether because the moisture dissipates pretty quickly from the soil in my area when it gets to be 90 degrees and sunny.
Other than the cool weather and rain, one other challenge is weed control for farmers that didn’t spray last fall or earlier this spring. We sprayed everything last fall, so our fields are looking good. The cool, damp weather may also create an insect problem, or possibly cause some diseases that require fungicides to control.
Even with weather challenges year after year, we’ve proven that we can provide a consistent supply, and we strive to provide international customers with safe and sustainable quality soybeans. Our international marketing staff at USSEC is dedicated to providing expertise to customers around the world, offering technical experience and educational seminars to help them better utilize our U.S. soybeans and soybean products.