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Don’t Forget to Sign up for USSEC’s Rescheduled Aquaculture Educational Opportunity Event!


Just a reminder:  USSEC’s Aquaculture Educational Opportunity Event is back on!
The rescheduled event will take place on January 13-15, 2015 in San Diego, California.
This event was organized by USSEC in response to numerous requests from Qualified State Soybean Boards (QSSBs) to provide an update on aquaculture happenings worldwide.
Participants will receive an overview of global soy in aquaculture programs, presented by USSEC International Aquaculture team members from around the world, at the Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute (HSWRI) on the event’s first day, followed by an overview of the global aquaculture industry.  Trends and opportunities in various regions including China, Southeast Asia, and the Americas will be discussed.  USSEC Aquaculture Marketing Manager Colby Sutter will talk about public relations and consumer attitudes toward aquaculture.  Mark Drawbridge, Aquaculture Program Director at HSWRI, will discuss aquaculture research with soy and Steve Hart, executive director of the Soy Aquaculture Alliance, will give an overview of trends and opportunities in domestic aquaculture.  Rex Ito, co-owner of Pacifico Aquaculture, will provide information relating to consumer acceptance of aquaculture products, quality and sustainability.  Aqua feed and soy demand will also be discussed on this first day.
Attendees will travel to Todos Santos Island off the coast of Ensenada, Mexico, to view the offshore grow-out operation at Pacifico Aquaculture on the seminar’s second day, followed by a visit to the HSWRI hatchery in Carlsbad on the final day of the event.
To register, please visit