Soybean Meal: 12 Fact Sheets Spotlight Advantages of Using U.S. Soy

Based on testing research and quality analysis, soybean meal from the United States delivers nutritional solutions. The U.S. Soybean Export Council breaks it down with easy-to-read fact sheets.

While soybean meal is one of the most used feed ingredients in poultry and swine nutrition, what many people don’t know is that the comprehensive value of soybean meal is determined by a combination of quality factors, which vary by origin

When collectively considering soybean quality factors, the U.S. has less damage to whole soybeans with less moisture, better soybean meal processing conditions, improved levels of digestible amino acids and greater energy compared to soy of other origins. These benefits translate into better animal performance, reduced diet costs, reduced formulation challenges, increased sustainability and ultimately provide superior value to those producers who feed it in their poultry rations.

See for yourself. Just click the fact sheet you'd like to read or reference below and you'll be able to view it online and download it as a PDF.

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