Soy Protein Concentrate as a Replacement for Fishmeal in the Fingerling Diet for Common Carp, Grass Carp, Tilapia and Channel Catfish

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Category: Aquaculture

Region: Northeast Asia


A series of feeding trials was conducted cooperatively by the American Soybean Association International Marketing (ASA-IM) program, the Heilongjiang Provincial Fishery Extension Center, the Taixing Fish Stock Farm of Jiangsu Province, the Jiangxi Provincial Fishery Extension Center, the Hainan Fish Breeding Center of the Beijing Municipal Fishery Extension Center, and the Aquaculture Nutrition and Feed Lab of the Feed Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences to evaluate a soy protein fingerling feed for key cultured freshwater fish species in China. The soy protein fingerling feed used soy protein concentrate (SPC) as a replacement for fishmeal in the ASA-IM 36/71 fingerling feed. Feeding trials comparing the standard ASA-IM 36/7 feed with fishmeal (36/7 FM) and the soy protein 36/7 feed with SPC (36/7 SPC) were conducted during the 2007 aquaculture production season at five locations in China with common carp, grass carp, tilapia and channel catfish. The objectives of replacing fishmeal with SPC in the fingerling feed were: 1) to provide feed millers with an option to fishmeal as a means to reduce feed cost associated with the rising price of fishmeal; and 2) to improve industry sustainability by providing a fingerling feed in which the majority of protein is supplied from renewable plant sources.