Pacu Piractus branchypomum Production in Ponds with Soy-Based Feeds

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Category: Aquaculture

Region: Northeast Asia


A feeding trial was conducted in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, to demonstrate fingerling to market growth performance of pacu Piractus branchypomum using the ASA 80:20 pond production model and the ASA all-plant protein, soymeal-based growout feed. Fish were stocked in three, 4-mu ponds at a density of 900 pacu and 100 silver carp per mu. Pacu grew from 40 g to an average weight of 497 g per fish in 80 days of feeding. Gross production averaged 443 kg/mu for pacu and 102 kg/mu for silver carp. Average survival rates for pacu and silver carp were 99% and 98%, respectively. The soy-based feed yielded a FCR with pacu of 1.24:1. Average net economic return was RMB 715 permu. Average return on investment (ROI) was 31.2%. This compared to an FCR of 2.84:1 with the farm’s traditional feed, which yielded an ROI of –8.6%. Pacu demonstrated excellent growth performance and feed conversion efficiency with the ASA soymeal-based feed and 80:20 production technology in this trial. Pacu produced in the trial were uniform in size with good body color and conformation.