Growth Performance of Pompano (Trachinotus blochii) Fed Fishmeal and Soy Based Diets in Offshore OCAT Ocean Cages

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Category: Aquaculture

Region: Northeast Asia


An offshore ocean cage feeding trial was conducted by the American Soybean Association International Marketing (ASA-IM) program in southern Hainan Province, China, in 2007 to compare pompano performance with feeds having standard and low fishmeal inclusion rates. The trial compared pompano growth and feed conversion efficiency with the standard ASA-IM 43/12 pompano growout diet, in which 45% of the protein was supplied by fishmeal, and a nutritionally equivalent diet in which dehulled soybean meal and soy protein concentrate were the major protein contributors, and in which fishmeal supplied only 16% of the protein. Pompano were cultured in 100-m3 OCAT submersible offshore ocean cages at an average density of approximately 9,600 fish per cage. There was no difference in pompano performance with the two feeds. Pompano in two OCAT cages fed the ASA-IM 43/12 standard feed grew from approximately 19 g to 608g in 146 days with >99% survival. Pompano in two OCAT cages fed the 43/12 soy feed grew from approximately 26 g to 610g in 146 days with >99% survival. Average feed conversion rates for the 43/12 standard and 43/12 soy feeds were 2.51:1 and 2.59:1, respectively. High pompano survival was attributed to new fish health management protocols and pathogen treatment regimes adopted in the 2007 trial.