Growth Performance of Milkfish Fed Soy-Based Feed in Low Volume High Density Cages in Manjuyod Bay, Philippines

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A feeding demonstration was conducted at Manjuyod Bay, Negros Oriental, Philippines to demonstrate the growth of milkfish (Chanos chanos) grown in low volume, high density (LVHD) cages using an ASA-IM formulated 34% protein, 6% fat (34/6) soy-based, extruded feed. Milkfish fingerings of about 28 g were stocked into three 27 m3 cages at 5,063 fish per cage. Fish in all cages were fed a soybean meal based, extruded feed (34/6) that was produced domestically in the Philippines. After 149 days of culture, fish reached an average size of 364 g with a gross average harvest of 1,758 kg/cage (65.1 kg/m3), an average survival of 95% and an average FCR of 1.86:1.