Growth Performance of Common Carp Fed Soy-Based Feed in Raceways in Subang, Indonesia

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Category: Aquaculture

Region: Southeast Asia


A feeding demonstration was conducted at Subang, West Java, Indonesia to demonstrate the growth potential of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) cultured using soy-based feeds in 25.2 m3 raceways. Common carp fingerlings of 47 g were stocked into three 25.2 m3 raceways at 1260 fish per raceway. Fish in all three raceways were fed a soybean meal based, extruded feed that was produced domestically in Indonesia. After 147 days of culture the common carp reached an average size of 532 g with an average FCR of 1.90:1. Gross production averaged 448 kg/raceway or 18 kg/m3 of raceway volume.