Fry to Fingerling Growth Performance of Two Strains of Crucian Carp Fed Soymeal-Based Feeds

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Category: Aquaculture

Region: Northeast Asia


Fry to fingerling growth performance of Beijing and Suzhou strains of crucian carp were compared in a 4-month feeding trial at the Beijing Xu Xing Zhang Fish Culture Farm. Crucian carp were grown in ponds using the ASA 80:20 production model and soymeal-based 41/11 fry and 36/7 fingerling feeds. Fish stocking density was 5,000 crucian carp fry and 1,000 silver carp fry per mu. Each fish strain was replicated in three ponds. The local Beijing strain of crucian carp grew from 0.6 g to 55 g in 122 days of feeding. Suzhou strain crucian carp imported from a fish farm in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, grew from 0.6 g to 60 g in the same period. Growth of the Suzhou strain crucian carp was significantly better (P<0.05) than the local Beijing strain. FCR was 1.42:1 for the Beijing strain and 1.34:1 for the Suzhou strain, and was also significantly different (P<0.05). Net income was 15.4% higher and ROI 13.2% higher for the Suzhou strain crucian carp. Results of the trial indicate that the Beijing farm should upgrade its crucian carp breeding stock to a superior strain.