Crucian Carp Fingerling to Market Growout in Chengdu with a Soymeal-Based Diet

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Category: Aquaculture

Region: Northeast Asia


Crucian carp fingerlings were grown to market size in ponds in Chengdu using the ASA 80:20 production model and a combination of local and ASA soymeal-based growout feeds. Fish were stocked in three ponds of approximately 3-mu each at 2,000 crucian carp per mu together with 150 silver carp fingerlings per mu. Crucian carp were stocked at size 20 g and grew to an average weight of 214 g per fish in 164 days of feeding. Gross production averaged 406 kg/mu for crucian carp and 137 kg/mu for silver carp. Net production for crucian carp averaged 366 kg/mu for the 9.9 mu of trial ponds. Average crucian carp survival was 95%. FCR for the combination of local and ASA feeds was 1.63:1. Net economic return was RMB 645 per mu. ROI ranged from 10% to 30.4% for thethree trial ponds. The average ROI for the three ponds was 21.2%. Low economic return in one of the ponds was the result of a silver carp fish kill in mid-August. Results of the feeding demonstration showed that crucian carp reached the target market size 15 days ahead of schedule using the ASA technology and feed.