Cage Production of Rockfish Sebastodes fuscescens In Ocean Cages with Extruded Feed

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Category: Aquaculture

Region: Northeast Asia


The growth performance of rockfish (Sebastodes fuscescens) was evaluated in an ASA coastal cage trial in Dalian, China. Rockfish were stocked at 175 fish per m3 in three replicate cages of size 8.0-m3 and were fed to satiation twice daily with the ASA 43/12 extruded marine fish growout feed. Rockfish grew from 86 g to 216 in 110 days, with an average FCR of 1.23:1. Fish survival averaged 96%. Growth of rockfish was reported to be slow during warm summer months, but that growth improved at water temperatures <20oC. Rockfish may be a candidate species for coastal cage culture, but further evaluation, particularly in cooler coastal waters, is required to evaluate species potential.