Aquaculture: 20 Technical Bulletins to Dive Into

Did you know that soybean meal is the most used protein source in aquaculture feeds worldwide?

For more than 30 years, USSEC's International Soy In Aquaculture experts have been working collaboratively with producers, feed manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, and other ancillary industry sectors to address all aspects of the production cycle for aquaculture.

We asked our team to address some of most common challenges, compile sought-after information and that which can help set businesses up for success. Today, this is being delivered to you in the form of 20 technical bulletins that cover a range of topics from genetic concepts for selective breeding to disease management, and from storage and handling of feed to responsible governance. Learn how to make U.S. Soy work for you.

Just click the bulletin you'd like to read or reference below and you'll be able to view it online and download it as a PDF.

Asian Seabass: Validation of Commercial Grow-Out Feeds Containing Optimized Levels of Soybean Meal and Soy Protein Concentrate (Vietnam)
Desecription of Various Soy Products Technical Bulletin by Jamie Hooft and Dominique P. Bureau
Considerations in Shrimp Aqua Feed Extrusion Processing- The Latest Technolocy and Processes
Evaluation of Soy Optimized Feeds for Warm Water Fish and Shrimp technical bulletin by D. Allen Davis
Considerations of Experiments Design for Soy Comparison in Aquaculture Application
Genetic Concepts for Selective Breeding Programs technical bulletin by James Collins and Jaros Phinchongsakuldit
Hatchery Technology of Marine Fish technical bulletin by Daniel Benetti
Impacting the Health and Production of Cultured Fish Through Adjustment of Nutrient and Ingredient Factors technical bulleting by Mark Newman
Large-Scale Cage Farm Development Guidelines for the Private Sector technical bulletin by Patrick White
Managing Your Aquaculture Farm for Long-Term Success technical bulletin by Carole R. Engle, Ph.D.
Marine Fish Brookstock Nutrition - The Need for Better Egg Quality and Seed for Intensive Offshore Aquaculture technical bulletin by Robert Vassallo Agius
Maximizing the Value of Feed Ingredients in Aquafeeds technical bulletin by Mark Newman
Nutritional Strategies to Improve the Grouper Aquaculture Industry technical bulletin by Igor Pirozzi
Plant Protein Ingredients for Aquafeeds technical bulletin by Tim O'Keefe and Mark Newman
Responsible Governance for Offshore Marine Fish Cage Development technical bulletin by Patrick White
Shrimp Disease Management technical bulletin by Loc H. Tran, Phuc N. Hoang, Thanh N. Chau
Soybean Anti Nutritional Factors and Strategies for Improving Soy Utilization in Sensitive Fishes technical bulletin by Brian C. Small
Storage and Handling of Feeds for Fish and Shrimp technical bulletin by Timothy O'Keefe and Mark Newman
Sustainable U.S. Soy-Based Aquafeeds technical bulletin by Mark Newman
The Agriflag Multi-Tiered Tilapia Aquaculture Certification System technical bulletin by Gillian Taylor