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USSEC Provides Technical Assistance to Livestock and Poultry Producers in Nicaragua

USSEC recently visited Nicaragua to provide technical assistance in management and nutrition to Nicaraguan livestock and poultry producers in various regions of the country.  During his trip, USSEC consultant Mr. Carlos Campabadal visited five swine farms, three feed mills, one dairy and one beef cattle ranch.  At the swine farms, the consultant gave recommendations to improve the performance condition of the pigs in areas of management, health, environmental control, performance records and nutritional and feeding recommendations.  All of the swine farms visited are currently buying feeds made with U.S. soybean meal.

At the feed mills, Mr. Campabadal reviewed and formulated livestock and poultry formulas, gave recommendations for ingredient quality control, feed mill design and the purchasing of feed ingredients.  The main recommendations at the dairy and beef cattle ranch were related to feeding programs, mineral supplementation and forage conservation programs.  USSEC consultant Julio Chaves also made the trip to Nicaragua, providing technical assistance to two meat processing companies.