The Nutrient Value Calculator at Work

Matthew Clark of Genesis Feed Technologies shares a real-time demo of the Nutrient Value Calculator during USSEC’s learning session at the virtual 2021 Commodity Classic.

Traditionally, buyers have evaluated soy on crude protein alone, but new research shows that metric is not the best indicator of how the crop will meet the nutritional needs of animals and aquaculture. Research has also shown country of origin makes a difference in the quality of soy. We know this data is important, but what does this mean in terms of dollars and cents?

Matthew Clark of Genesis Feed Technologies gave attendees of this year’s virtual Commodity Classic an answer to this question through an inside look at the Nutrient Value Calculator (NVC) at work during the U.S. Soybean Export Council’s (USSEC) learning session.

“Our job is to take some of these parameters that we can measure and turn those into dollars and cents,” Clark said.

The NVC does just that. Clark shed light on how it works throughout the session.

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