North African Poultry Customers Attend Dawajine Poultry Show in Morocco

USSEC sponsored the 22nd edition of the Dawajine poultry show, the largest event of its type in North Africa with 400 exhibitors. The show, held in Casablanca, Morocco, also boasted nearly 12,000 visitors this year with the participation of members of Sub Saharan African Poultry Associations. FISA, the Morocco poultry association, which spans four Moroccan associations (feed, hatcheries, poultry and eggs), organized the event.
Morocco’s production of poultry meat has grown by an annual average of 7.4 % over the last three decades while egg output has recorded an annual increase of 6.0%. Fully integrated poultry groups in the market have doubled in just a few years as companies continue to invest to increase productivity and efficiency. Total production reached 720,000 metric tons (MT) of poultry meat (100,000 MT of turkey meat), and 6.6 billion eggs.
Morocco, the largest buyer of U.S. soybean meal in Maghreb, remains one of the leading soybean meal users in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region with a market estimated at 650,000 tons. Users appreciate U.S. soybean meal for its nutrient profile and high, consistent quality. No government policy hinders soy processing and trade in Morocco. All U.S. soy products imports benefit from the U.S. free trade agreement (FTA) implemented in 2006.
USSEC programs continues to expand knowledge on the strengths and intrinsic advantages of U.S. soy products to end users, along with diversifying and developing demand, which contributes to maintaining U.S. market share. USSEC provides technical assistance toward modernization and development of poultry and feed industries, large dairy operations, and emerging aquaculture projects.