Southeast Asia

Raw Material and Feed Biosecurity Seminar


Bali, Indonesia

More than five (5) years after the first reported case of African Swine Fever (ASF) outbreak in Southeast Asia, the region’s swine industry is yet to rebound. The Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam are the three main countries in SEA that are worse hit by ASF since 2019-2020. It’s negative impact on raw material usage and feed demand, pork supply, prices and profit are almost immeasurable. Other countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia have also gone through a massive losses in terms of production due to ASF.

Reports from studied show that the ASF virus stays in major feed ingredients including SBM for months and years. This affect the choices of raw materials to use in feed production and over-all fed production and consumption. Each country has put up programs and measures to avert its effects, but apparently, more effective actions must be done as the regional feed volume are still lower the before 2019.

This event aims to create an opportunity to deliberate practical and scientific views among industry leaders to come up with strategies that will help the swine business completely bounce back or grow even bigger than its previous status. The program will start with assessing the current region’s swine industry state and lectures on global and regional biosecurity programs and protocols covering subjects on nutrition and feed safety, management and overall disease control that are based on scientific studies and practical opinions and experiences.

The 2nd day will start with evaluation of ASF vaccine research, production and usage and topics on mitigation strategies. The finale will be a special session on Repopulation Program – a model that’s been applied in the Philippines. Swine Association representatives and industry stakeholders from SE Asia will be invited to sit as panel discussants. It is expected that et the end of the event, each country representative will bring home an output on how a more effcient Biosecurity measures and repopulation program will be imeplemented in their respective countries. This will boost the production of swine feed particularly in the Philippoines, Thaialnd and Vietnam.