Southeast Asia

In-house Growth Modeling and FF Simulation workshops


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The continuously improving broiler and swine genetics, and facility modernizations need be paired with best nutrient conversion to maximize performance and profit. This activity is designed exclusively for the target broiler integrators (key customers) and commercial swine farms and feed mills in Vietnam. The two-day program offers combined lectures on broiler and swine nutrition on Day 1, and simulation schemes with feed formulation demonstration and shadow pricing using U.S. SBM's latest database collected from in-vivo and in-vitro studies that compares with other soy origins to show advantages in dollar values. The simulation and feed formulation exercises will be done after the lecture on Day 1 to show the practical aspects of precised nutrition with modern boiler genetics. During this exercises, the broiler producers will see the higher dollar value of US sbm when paired it to their target performance due to the higher metabolizable energy and digestible essential amino acids and quality consistency of US SBM. 

*The program will be offered to companies who are just partly using USBM or NOT using US SBM.

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