Southeast Asia

Fundamentals of Animal Nutrition and Feed Formulation Training


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The curriculum design of Agriculture and Animal Science courses in Indonesian universities (and in SEA in general) contain only one or two basic theoretical subjects in animal nutrition and feed formulation which are given at the early years of the course. This event aims educates senior and graduating animal science and veterinary medicine students about the role and knowledge of proper and efficient Animal Nutrition subject in animal and feed industries prior to their graduation from the university and joining the feed industry workforce.
USSEC will hold two-day trainings in five pre-identified agricultural universities in various locations in Indonesia to discuss practical topics in swine and poultry production, nutrition, feed formulation, quality assurance and feed manufacturing. Feed formulation exercises using software will be done to demonstrate the higher nutrient values of U.S. soy and soybean meal vs other available ingredients. This information will boost the knowledge of the young professionals that they can use when they join the feed industry and eventually become decision-makers.