Vietnamese Aquaculture Stakeholders Take Part in 2019 USSEC Global In-Pond Raceway Learning Mission in China

Vietnamese feedmillers, governmental officials, fish farm owners, and aquaculture consultants were introduced to In Pond Raceway System (IPRS) technology and shared experiences of IPRS development in China from August 4 to 9. The program was organized and coordinated by USSEC with five days of a study tour, visiting IPRS farms in different locations in China, combined with a training workshop introducing IPRS.
During the workshop, Colby Pinkstone, USSEC Director – Aquaculture introduced the USSEC mission. Dr. Jesse Chappell, author of IPRS technology, presented and introduced IPRS technology, and Zhou Enhua, USSEC Technical Manager – Aquaculture, China also introduced the development of IPRS in China.
Participants had visited and learned experiences from small scale and large scale of IPRS farms in various locations in China.
“IPRS is an advanced and worthwhile technology in aquaculture; thank you USSEC [for] giving this chance to learn the fact from China. This will encourage us to apply and expand strongly this technology in Vietnam,” stated Mr. Kim Van Tieu, Vice Director of National Agriculture Extension Center.
USSEC first introduced IPRS in 2013, according to Mr. Zhou. About 6000 raceways have been constructed and operate in China. The Chinese government financially supports them to develop and expand the technology due to its advantage in terms of environment and intensification.
China leads the world of aquaculture production with an annual production of 15 million tons.

Vietnam team visits IPRS farms in China. (L to R): Ms. Tran Thi Thuong – Vinh Hoan Corp.; Trudy Uyen – SVM USSEC; Mr. Nguyen Van Khanh – De Heus; Nguyen Van Manh – Kinh Bac; Kim Van Tieu – MARD; Bui Ngoc Thanh NVM USSEC