Vietnam Offshore Marine Fish Culture Heads Towards Bright Future

USSEC recently visited and met with Vietnamese government organizations and farm operators to learn about the policy, license, study, and constraints for the aquaculture team.
Phuong Minh Company is among the country’s pioneers in offshore aquaculture. Nguyen Quang Quynh, the general director, had no aquaculture background, but was inspired by the Research Institute for Aquaculture Nb1 and decided to establish his offshore cage farm in Vân Phong bay Nha Trang City. Mr. Quynh is looking at how to minimize risk and how to develop sustainably. Currently, his concerns are feed cost and biosecurity.
USSEC’s aquaculture technical training and support covers the whole long value chain from brood stock to growout, with specific programs including optimized soy in extruded pellet feed such as Offshore Cage Implementation Assessment and Training (OCIAT) and In Pond Raceway System (IPRS) that could potentially help farmers in Khanh Hoà Province. More feeding demonstrations will be done to show the value of USSEC feed based technologies and promote U.S. soy products. USSEC’s marine fish culture technology promotes sustainability, which should create a link to the U.S. Soy Sustainability Assurance Protocol (SSAP), so it is important for USSEC to help farmers utilize IPRS correctly.

Phu’o’ng Minh offshore cage facilities in Vân Phong bay, Nha Trang City