Vietnam Fish Farm Using U.S. Soy in Pangasius Advanced Fingerlings Feeding Demonstration

USSEC conducted a feeding demonstration for pangasius advanced fingerlings in In Pond Raceway Systems (IPRS) in FFIC in Vietnam, using USSEC feed containing 34% crude protein and 5% fat. The fish was stocked on April 18 and it is estimated that they will reach 100 grams and will be harvested in June.
The inclusion of U.S. soybean meal in the demo diet is about 43.5%. To produce feed for the feeding demo, the feedmill bought 33,760 kilograms of U.S. soybean meal and is following USSEC experts in formulating feed diets.
The new approach of high-quality feed for pangasius in young stage culture is opening a new trend for developing the pangasius industry in Vietnam. As it becomes more stable, it will increase the use of soybean meal, particularly U.S. soybean meal.
“[The] fish look good; together with high quality feed of USSEC, I believe that fish will gain well and harvest soon,” says Nguyen Quang Vinh – FFIC Farm Areas Director.

Using a fish pump for stocking fish at FFIC farm on April 18, 2020