USSEC Works on In Pond Raceway System (IPRS) Pond Upgrades

USSEC has had a long-term aim of the promotion of an increase of aquaculture production using high quality feeds. The In Pond Raceway System (IPRS) is an initiative that does both of these at once. IPRS allows farmers to use the same water volume in ponds to produce a significantly higher yield, and the technology favors complete, high quality feeds that are well suited to feeds that use U.S. Soy products.
This visit was to a target farm in Hai Duong, Vietnam where USSEC hopes to work with the Missouri Soybean Association (MOSOY) to show the best approaches to the industry in northern Vietnam. This farm, owned by Mr. Viet, will showcase a “Gold Standard” IPRS system to the surrounding industry. This trip assessed the current structure and determined what upgrades would be needed to bring this IPRS system to its ideal. When this IPRS has been upgraded, USSEC will conduct a demonstration using grass carp with this system and bring surrounding aquaculture industry stakeholders to observe best technology and management approaches.

Target demonstration farmer, Mr. Viet
IPRS System that is being upgraded to “Gold Standard”