soybean field

USSEC Keeps Working to Promote Use of Soy in Korean Fish Feed

USSEC provided technical assistance on the utilization of soybean meal (SBM) to Daebong LF, an aqua feed mill in Jeju, South Korea.  Daebong is currently evaluating the quality of SBM by origin and processing conditions with its primary focus on the relationship of the anti-nutritional factors and fish performances.  This is a preliminary step toward gradually increasing the use of soy in their products.

USSEC Aquaculture Utilization contractor In Soo Shin provided information and data on the types, concentrations and properties of the anti-nutritional factors present in SBM and shared effective methods with which to reduce or remove them.  Daebong is one of five key feed mills that supply soy-mixed EP feed to 56 target flounder growers who enrolled in the Korean government’s program to shift the aqua feed market from fish-based feed to protein meal-based feed.