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USSEC Wins First Gold for U.S. Soy


USSEC America’s team, in conjunction with the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency, has been awarded the 2016 gold at the ASPID awards for their campaign “Soy es Salud” or “Soy is Health.”
The ASPID award is selected from the Barcelona, Spain-based entity that evaluates and awards the best advertising and promotional campaigns in the Ibero-American countries in certain categories. This is the first time that a U.S. organization’s campaign has been selected for the award.
The objective of “Soy es Salud” is to increase the awareness of the different soy products available and the health benefits of soy. The creative from the USSEC campaign has been used in Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic and is available for the USSEC offices globally, as well as stakeholders.
The initial concept initiated with USSEC Americas Regional Manager Nayeli Vilanova with the assistance of USSEC consultant Mark Andersen. The campaign was focused on helping consumers realize how many products can be obtained from soybeans besides soy sauce and to position a graphic image in the minds of customers and consumers to help them to promote their products as well as understand what soy is and differentiate the origin as U.S. Soy.
Several qualified state soybean boards (QSSBs) have already shown interest in the creative.  Please contact Nayeli Vilanova with any questions.