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USSEC Provides Technical Service to the Secretary of Agriculture in Dominican Republic

USSEC recently provided technical service in feed quality control to the staff of the Dominican Republic’s Secretary of Agriculture Quality Control and Veterinary Products Register Department.  Consultant Carlos Campabadal went to the Dominican Republic to facilitate a short seminar and presented three conferences:  “Adulteration Problems of Energy Sources used in Animal Diets,” “Adulteration Problems in Protein Sources used in Animal Diets” and “Problems with Vitamins, Minerals and Additives in Animal Feeds.”  Mr. Campabadal answered questions related to grain and soybean meal quality; the effect of processing on soybean meal quality; health problems caused by the effect of adulterations in feed ingredients; and laboratory techniques to determine problems in animal feeds such as urease activity and solubility in KOH, among others.
USSEC Dominican consultant Pedro Lora worked with Mr. Campabadal and they attended a U.S. Embassy reception, where the new Agricultural Attaché and the new Director of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) were presented to the livestock and poultry industry.  During this event, Mr. Campabadal and Mr. Lora met with the Dominican Secretary of Agriculture and discussed USSEC programs that have been conducted in the country.  They also met with several important Dominican Republic agricultural leaders including the President of the Swine Producers Association, the President of National Livestock Council, and many other key representatives of the Dominican Republic livestock and poultry industry.