soybean field

USSEC Provides Technical Service to SBO Refinery, Food Industry in Mexico

USSEC provided technical service to a Mexican soybean oil refinery and to the Mexican food industry recently.  Consultant Pedro Gonzalez traveled to San Luis Potosi to provide training to the sales force of a soybean oil refinery on the uses and benefits of soybean oil.  During this training, he explained the benefits of consuming soybean oil, the economic benefits for the refinery, and soybean oil’s superior performance in frying operations.  Mr. Gonzalez also visited a food manufacturer to speak with their quality control manager about the benefits of using soybean oil vs. others oils in the production of mayonnaise and other products.  The manufacturer currently consumes 125,000 metric tons (MT) of soybean oil per year.  Mr. Gonzalez also met with the production staff to give information of the use of soybean oil and texturized soybean protein (TSP) in their products.  This food manufacturer is using soybean oil and TSP in their canned tuna to increase the protein content of the tuna product and to improve the texture; in addition, they are conducting projects for product development and product improvement using soybean ingredients.  Finally, Mr. Gonzalez visited a baking company that is using soybean oil and soybean oil margarine for the production of its bakery products to provide technical service in the development of bread formulas including soybean protein.