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USSEC Provides Technical Service to Livestock Producers in Honduras

USSEC recently provided technical service to livestock producers in Honduras.  USSEC consultant Carlos Campabadal traveled to Honduras to provide technical service in nutrition and management to Honduran livestock producers, as well as to present conferences in the area of dairy cattle in different regions of Honduras during the Cargill Dairy Field Days.
Mr. Campabadal visited five dairy farms, where he gave many recommendations on the use of soybean meal; feeding lactation cows, dry cows and the replacement herd; the use of organic minerals and anionic salts; as well as the composition of forages, use of milk replacers, and the importance of body condition for reproductive status.
The consultant also participated in three field days organized by Cargill Feed and Nutrition Division.  The field days were conducted in La Paz, Zamorano University and Jutiapa.  Each field day consisted of a seminar, plus a farm visit.  Mr. Campabadal presented two conferences, “Feeding the Cows during the Dry Season” and “Feeding the Transition Cows.” About 230 dairy producers participated who asked questions related to all types of management and nutrition topics.